Meet Our Founder

The journey from idea to international luxury lifestyle magazine all began one summer afternoon over 30-years ago in the lily-scented lobby of a Four Seasons Hotel when a woman sat one day after her life had completely turned on its ear and was in need of an escape, so she sat wistfully dreaming of exploring her passion for a world of luxury making notes in her journal, then set out on the decades long and arduous task of building it, initially building it up slowly and sharing it with close friends before it was ready to take shape online.

Founder, editor-in-chief, artist, brand developer, creative director and publisher Angela Tunner is a multidisciplinary woman; the founder of EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Director of its publishing company, Tunner Media Inc.

Origins of the Magazine’s Name

Stemming from her experience as a sous chef and fine restaurant manager, she sees fine food is an integral part of the luxury lifestyle, so she integrated it into the magazine. EAT LOVE SAVOR is more than a magazine name – it is a mantra.

Passionate About Luxury

Angela has invested over twenty five years into independent and passionate study of luxury communications and branding. She has a keen eye for luxury, understands its language, DNA, its essence and continues to study and searches the world for high caliber luxury goods, services and experiences to share with the magazine’s readers.

Some of Tunner’s accomplishments she accumulated along the way in her life include a nomination for the RBC Women’s Entrepreneurs award and winner of the Women of Excellence Award “Woman of Vision”. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is a global best site for luxury that is at the forefront in luxury-digital marketing, named Top 5 Luxury Magazines for 2012 (Notable Consideration); Top 10 Best Sites for Luxury, she was interviewed in the media 60+ times for her cookbook she wrote and published, winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook award for “Best Easy Recipes”, and has an eclectic background in clerical, management and business administration in the fields of advertising, marketing, fine art, fashion merchandising, radio and television, ISO9000 certified in quality control management for a manufacturer of atmospheric diving systems for use by US Military, and served as as sous chef and co-operator of a Toronto based, Wine Spectator award-winning French bistro. She also has over 25 years experience with computers ranging from office through design software, held a position in fashion display for retail, and held a seat on an executive board for a term with a lobby group for status of the artist.

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