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EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Bookazine is a foremost advocate of intelligent, informative editorials, interviews, features with a feminine touch, guiding readers through a world of luxury goods, services, and experiences; a must-read for the beauty seeking successful, high net-worth individual and luxury industry professional. Founded, edited and published by a woman. We’ve been named on the list of Top Sites for Luxury in the World and Top Luxury Lifestyle Magazines to Follow.

We produce two prestigious luxury lifestyle magazines, one online, the other a luxurious bookazine; each is an immersive luxury experience focused on the essence of luxury. Globally renowned, ad-free, with timeless content written by luxury experts. We are also an affluent lifestyle foundation for all the tiers of wealth. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is considered a best kept secret in luxury. We are distributed globally online, in 4 and 5 star hotels and on first and business class only of select airlines and via our private network. Our magazines welcomes visitors from around the world and our online magazine has surpassed 10 million page views. We are active across many social media channels.

The Story. The Inspiration

A Journey of Discovery
and the Search for the Beautiful Gold Door


In her dreams, there it was… off in the horizon, floating in a moonlit mist with a beam from the rising sun dancing across it – a beautiful gold door. Her arms fully extended, deeply reaching out to grasp the ornate knob on the ornamental embossed door, her heart beating faster in anticipation. But just as she neared it, the mist cleared and she woke, just as she did many times before. She sighed deeply. She yearned to open the door and know what lies behind it. She paused, crinkling her nose at the thought for a moment and wondered… could that door exist outside my dreams? She felt very strongly that it did. And she set her mind to find it.

She set off on her day’s journey as she usually did; in search of something special taking meandering long drives on windy roads, walks through cities and roaming the countryside, stopping to experience restaurants, shops and splendid hotels along the way. Dressed in her favorite blend of vintage and new, luxuriously enrobed in soft fabrics that always made her feel like she was floating on a cloud. Her favorite Chanel perfume hung in the air around her and through out her car. She’d taken out the Rolls-Royce today, equipped with her favorite Fortnum & Mason hamper stocked with the finest foods and a favorite bottle of champagne, a little vase attached to the dash with fresh flowers for the car and thermos of tea for an impromptu picnic on the road.

Today was a day she hoped she’d find that beautiful gold door she dreamed of and discover what was on the other side. She sensed that the gold door held some special secret. She ached to feel something deeper in life and she knew that the door somehow was the key. Her heart swelled, vision of the dream of it glinting in the light warmed her from head to toe.

Sometimes when the busyness of the day was over, she was reminded that she was driving through life in circles each turn taking her to the same people, places and things; lovely on the surface, but something was missing. As she drove through the countryside, she came upon a castle, spotting a sprawling rose garden, suddenly, it occurred to her that she was moving too fast, signs and details were passing her by. She was living on the surface of life, but never in the delicious depths. Seizing the moment, she decided to simply stop.

As she pulled her Rolls-Royce over to the side of the road to pause and take a deep breath of the abundant fragrant pink roses by the road leading up to the castle, drinking in their beautiful perfume. A soft voice whispered into her, as if coming from the flowers themselves, “Be still and listen for only in a moment of stillness will the gold door appear before you. Enter and you will find on the other side a world delicious to eat, moments to savor and a world filled with love, a joy to experience and like no other.”

Looking up over the top of the rose bushes, gazing up the tree lined path that led to the majestic castle, the sun bounced off something shiny in the distance towards the back of the castle. Her breath caught in her throat as she gasped and her heart swelled; a warm smile graced her face… there it was! She found it! … the beautiful gold door!

A Look Inside our Luxurious Bookazines, Digital Editions

Recognition: EAT LOVE SAVOR® is named on the Top 5 Luxury Magazines (Notable Consideration) a list that includes Bloomberg and listed in the Top 10 Best Sites for Luxury, a list that includes Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana; Listed as a top luxury lifestyle magazine to follow 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The Story about our Curious Name

EAT LOVE SAVOR® was born from the mind of a woman, Angela Tunner, who has a deep appreciation for things well made, heritage, fine food beautifully presented, luxurious moments small through grand, has a great understanding about true luxury, elegant living and furthermore, loved magazines, but felt they were lacking and wanted to create something with more depth and experience in a publication.

The curious name of EAT LOVE SAVOR® was inspired by her time in fine restaurant ownership and food service of an award winning French bistro. There she discovered the sweet connection to our humanity, to appreciation and sensuality, and inextricable combination of fine food + luxurious living. During that time she forged a life long passion for living well that encompasses luxury as a state of mind and approach to living because there are endlessly great things to eat, things and moments to love and to savor with our whole selves.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® is more than our name – it’s a mantra and a lifestyle!

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