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A Timepiece to Capture Her Heart – Queen of Naples Heart 9825 by Breguet

Delicate and subtle, Breguet revives the face of the Queen of Naples, released in time for Valentine’s Day its refreshed face features a new invention: a hand in the form of a shifting heart.

Its curves broaden or compress, as if by magic and very quietly, as it travels around the elongated oval dial. Rose gold and diamonds add a touch of vermilion to the radiance of this elegant development. This exclusive Coeur or Heart edition, limited to 28 numbered pieces and accompanied, as the case may be, by a matching clutch, is reserved for a collection of Breguet boutiques.

Ingenious 1810 Design Evolved, Dedicated to Love

The first wristwatch ever made, Model No. 2639, was a treasure trove of ingenuity from its beginnings in 1810. Breguet was influenced by this revolutionary watch and was commissioned by the client, Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, for her iconic contemporary series.

Today, with its new development dedicated to women and to love, the Breguet House has developed a new system covered by a number of patents. The magic of an advanced mechanism adjusts the form of the heart of the minute hand – off-center at 6 o’clock – depending on its location on the oval dial. Breguet, who has always produced unique watches devoted to women, is also true to its tradition and practise. For this new development, the curves extend as the hand passes over the top half of the dial and becomes more rounded to the bottom. A true heart that beats… a wall-down dial highlights this piece’s delicate beauty and great romanticism.

REINE DE NAPLES BREGUET10596 A Timepiece to Capture Her Heart - Queen of Naples Heart 9825 by Breguet - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineElegantly Presented

This model, reserved for brand boutiques, is presented in an envelope clutch bag finished in grained calfskin leather and dyed vermilion red to match the strap of the Reine de Naples Coeur.

Understated, Delicate and Romantic

In the face of this new Queen of Naples, Breguet opted for understated elegance. The heart-shaped minute hand travels over the sapphire crystal dial, lacquered in white for a very soft and subtle translucent effect. Its tip, marked by a subtle red heart, shows the minutes of the chapter hours, punctuated by tiny hearts every five minutes. To make it easier to read, something precious to Breguet, the quarter numerals are differentiated by their scale and their outline, lacquered with vermilion. The hour, marked by a drop of purple lacquer, appears through a window in the middle. The rose gold of the flange and bezel of the dial is matched with 128 diamonds. The setting of the folding buckle, also in gold, echoes the brilliance of the case, amounting to a total of approximately 0.94 carats.

The Magic of a Vibrant Heart, an Ode to Love

The new innovation of the House of Breguet is a minute hand made up of two separate arms, capable of twisting thanks to an ingenious set of gears to create a heart that is stretched at 12 o’clock and rounded at 6 o’clock. Equipped with an oval-shaped cam – showing the curves so typical of the Queen of Naples – the mechanism enables each of these arms to travel at various speeds. This invention, developed exclusively for the Queen of Naples, is covered by four patents. The gears of this complication, like all the components of the calibre, are all carefully hand-finished in the Breguet tradition, whether visible or invisible to the eye. The sapphire crystal caseback of the rose gold case shows the movement of the calibre, the 78A0. The individual number of the watch is engraved on the gold rim, registered in the archives of the House of Breguet, which have been preserved since the end of the 18th century.

With the Queen of Naples Core, Breguet conjures up the beauty of love, thanks to an imaginative hand that traces a heart of ever changing form. A delicate and unforeseen blend of technology and romanticism.


For more information visit https://www.breguet.com

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