A Moment With The House of Terzihan: Boutique and Atelier

The House of Terzihan

Founded in 1974 with family roots dating back to the late Persian Empire of 18th Century, their ancestors served as imperial sartors. Their Master jewelers create each piece with heart, soul and passion for story, design, jewelry and sartorial style. Located in the heart of Istanbul where the family that birthed and runs this business are located and carry out their luxurious pursuits. Each of their collections is deeply contemplated and created with significance and capturing the essence of love for the world executed with masterful technique, blending traditional with modern jewelry methods. Their pieces dazzle with life and a distinctive eye catching style.

We had the pleasure of asking the House questions for further insights into their jeweled world.

How did you get your start working in the field of luxury jewelry and what drew you to it?

You know how it is with the family business. I was drawn to it organically. But I remember myself stopping and staring at the windows of jewelry even when i was a child. I’d say it is something in myself, and also in my family.

NEUTRA COLLECTION – Neutra Collection is all about the natural stones and unexpected forms: the playground of the brand with stones onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and agate along with head-turning shapes inspired from Aztecs, Mayans, Romans, Egyptians and all the world.


Tell us about your company and its mission/vision?

Terzihan is a family owned, boutique jewellery house. It’s been more than 35 years now, but I’d say we found our vision and our essence when we quit trying to do everything, and focus on what we are good at. Edgy, rocky and modern style with the touch of our Turkish heritage.

What are some of the influences of your distinctive designs?

Like I said our style can be defined as architectural and unorthodox, with a vast use of natural stones in different cuts.  We look into nature itself, and architectural influences from ancient and modern civilizations.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

There is this feeling when you finally see one piece or one collection in life, and you remember the first idea or the sketch you had some time ago, i think this satisfaction is above everything.

What are your personal philosophies about luxury as a mindset and approach to living in these post-Covid times? 

After Covid, all the concepts of luxury have changed. Now even luxury has become digital; the main question is, when this is all over, like the silence after the storm, what are we going to find here.

Where do you see the luxury jewelry business heading overall and the effects of all the lockdowns and changes in how we live and work.

Everyone tries to go digital. Just a few are able to do it so far. I guess after all that, personalized services will be much more important; along with digital.


How do you see the fine jewelry market evolving and what are the implications for brands?

I kind of enjoy the latest evolutions in the market. We have a lot of talented designers, though there are some who cross the line between influencing from a design / imitating a design. I believe the brands and designers should try to stay boutique, free and independent. Monopolization is the main threat that our sector is now faced with, after Covid of course.

What else is on the horizon for your brand?

We still have a long way to run. Now is time for us to strengthen our style, demonstrate it with power. Now we go global, while keeping our boutique approach to fine jewellery and luxury.


For more information and to contact visit https://www.terzihan.com


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