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Interview | Judith Murat, House of Murat, Fine Jewelry

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Judith MuratJudith Murat, CEO of HOUSE OF MURAT, former model and fine artist turned jewelry designer, who for the last fifteen years, has been pouring her passions into designing jewelry after a meeting with a jewelry manufacturer at an art show that changed her life. Judith divides her time between Palm Beach, New York and Beverly Hills adorning celebrities, jet setters and fine jewelry connoisseurs. Her latest collections of jewels are available at A.R.T. in Palm Beach and Polo Jewelers in Wellington. We had an opportunity to connect with Judith and ask her a few questions about her jewelry designs, her process, her passion and luxury.

What sparked your passion for jewelry?

I have always been in love with different jewels and various metals, and I was fascinated by the different dimensions that can be created by combining the two. Beyond that, travelling and nature is always beyond inspiring and never fails to spark the imagination.

N-35 Amethyst Bead Strand Necklace L-35 Colassal Gem Pendant

Photo by Judith Murat

What do you wish more collectors knew about your jewelry?

That I design all of my own pieces from my sketch to the wax design; my pieces are all one of a kind and not at all ‘cookie cutter’!


What draws you to a particular gemstone?

All gems resonate with me! But sometimes a certain stone can hit me from a mile away, grab my attention and not let go!


Star of Atlantis – jewelry and photo by Judith Murat

What inspired your signature style?

I value difference and uniqueness in all forms of art and that filters down through my personal style and my business.

Tell us about your latest creations and what inspired them?

My new Cuff Bracelet Collection began with a drawing of a piece I did in pencil many years ago. I always loved this sketch but for some reason have only just brought it to life! My father was also a well-known 5-goal Polo Player, which inspired the Fantasy Horse Collection. I love horses and really think they are such majestic animals. I have also recently completed a line for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network where I interpreted their logo into jewelry made from 18K gold and sterling silver, amethyst and diamondsjudith murat charm bracelet

Charm bracelet – jewelry and photo by Judith Murat

What do you see lies in the future for custom jewelry for both the designer and luxury jewelry collector?

I love it when a designer, such as myself, can work with a client and interpret their ideas. I have always found that fascinating and fulfilling.

What do you do to celebrate the completion of a new Judith Murat creation?

When I complete my collection I am overwhelmed with a sense of tremendous satisfaction, so have a toast of Veuve Cliquot with all of my associates in honor of the completion of all of this hard work!

What does ‘luxury’ mean to you?

A life that is full of splendor, magnificence and opulence, which is also how I design my jewelry.charms by judith murat

Charms by Judith Murat

What is your favorite way to indulge in a luxury experience?

Travel first and foremost is always a luxury. When at home I love to have a wonderful dinner party with great food and dear friends.

What is your favorite Champagne?

Veuve Cliquot!


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