A Moment with: H.E. Denisa Gokovi: Arts, Culture and International Business with Passionate Purpose

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Denisa Gokovi, an accomplished pianist, speaker, writer, Sovereign Ambassador and Founder & CEO at Hoinser Media Group, based in Albania. We spent a few moments in conversation with the successful business woman, getting to know more about what drives her ambition and humanity focused purpose.


How important do you think the arts and culture are to society and how does it benefit people from around the world?

Of course Arts and Culture are essentially influential for the profiled state of mind that establishes human dreams and entertains hopes. Through culture and civilization causes success as a moderate experience to consolidate the will and achievement in lifestyle equivalence. Art explodes like the power of human destiny, inspiring human habit towards the advanced struggle to witness even fear as a principle. The connecting bridge of progressiveness and the greatest human achievements, are valued as such through the cultural destiny of human art.

Tell us a bit about your philosophies on life and business.

The philosophy of life has an embodiment of individual progress as a result of the primary influence on organized professional interests. The vital role therefore conveys planning power to assess business competitiveness. The exploratory power of success chooses the business of life as the profit of rivals in the market. Stay united with patience and prospects.

You’re involved in a variety of areas; arts and culture, goodwill ambassador, magazine owner… is there a big picture plan? Where else do you envision taking your career?

Of course regarding my professional commitment, I have followed and formed my attitudes on a competitive advantage that has allowed me to look at big goals for the future. I preferred the individual reflection, as such a mission possible. The existing plan has a proportional rhythm offering and discovering the treatment of some fruitful ideas in the promotional sector as well as the language of diplomacy for the progress of rational complexity. This is the nature of perfectionism taking into account great responsibilities in changing some intentional plans. The difficulties do not lie in the roles but in the right team to implement the success.

On your path to becoming an award-winning pianist, a disciplined path requiring a great deal of time, talent and effort, what drove your ambition, and kept you focused?

My ambition is often relative and speaks in strange time, scenes in which we are not planned. Of course I try to follow new discoveries that lead me to collaborative opportunities and the difference of all this commitment as well as the constant, will to find something more than I imagined. I think that the key to social reflection, and not just individual, is related to the non-recurring motivational state and without having to influence my choices in a wrong way. I try to liberate freedom of thought as an orienting and ambitious act for others. This is how my tendencies started and is continuing, covering every objective without mutual conditions with victory or loss.

What motivated you to become a humanitarian and ambassador – what are you hoping to accomplish with your efforts?

Thank you for this very interesting question that touches me deeply and makes me remember many things. The concept of the protection of the social relativity always brings in defense of the institutional structures failures summarized in a continuous cycle. Personally, I have encountered many difficulties and I have followed many events which have inspired me to essentially understand the role of a humanitarian in addition to personal failures. In this dimension of human feelings, I have been persecuted and forced by many people to be harsh with “my reality” as opposed to clear objectives for radical change. For the same factors of injustice as an unfavorable foundation, I have followed closely and I have qualified, oriented and developed every possibility in a further step without seeking any prevented protection and no accumulated fear. I decided to sound the limiting kindness to my expectations. Humanism thus remains a strong challenge and an ongoing war.

What inspired you to create Hoinser magazine and what is it’s goal?

Hoinser Magazine has been created as a tempting perspective to alternate and empower the essential element by sharing our stories and experiences in a high audience effectiveness. I have always been inspired by the demands of the people and their trust in me that by leading a powerful media online with such professionalism, they would take every opportunity to alternate the advantages in the market. Our goal belongs to a well-studied global standard that empowers and publishes the most successful individuals who have created success as a strong weapon of change. Our main goal is related to the for-profit and non-profit sector, mentioning here: Empowerment of women and children, interaction through the most successful and important organizations and networks, alternative diplomatic progress, support for small businesses, cooperation as a media partner of many companies , brand and international organizations. Our goal is always based on conveying the great global advantages in the human act of a recovery method and social advancement as the embodiment of the visible role to the truth.

How do you manage your time and getting results simultaneously juggling multiple roles?

The passion to lead and manage various ventures goes beyond any unlimited time and manages to penetrate some progressive responsibilities. In this unifying standard I have remained strong and resilient to project clear goals for any kind of priority. My roles are addressed to maintain balance and meanwhile create new opportunities. This is the organizational sense keeping in the sociality of ideas everything inspired by indirect business relationships and professionalism for many expectations. In my service I was the only one and selected to challenge and face challenges but the difference calculated to be randomly selected or designed to be in focus, has updated me unconditionally and without distinction in the high vision human and then professional.


About Denisa Gokovi

Ms. Denisa Gokovi’s expertise spans International Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Music, and Philosophy. Ms. Gokovi is the Global Goodwill Ambassador at the Canadian non-profit organization, FAAVM. She is also YBLP Delegate. An Ambassador of Peace to Cadbridge Corporation, USA and the Ambassador of Culture and Art for “The World Peace Committee “.  She is the Ambassador for Arts and Humanity in the “Royal Society Group” and an Ambassador of “Global Union”

She is a Sovereign Ambassador of “Sovereign Order” United Kingdom and is an Ambassador for Art & Culture, Award Winning -Pianist- Adviser. She is also Composer-Writer & Philosopher & Founder at Hoinser Magazine. A Global Goodwill Ambassador – Humanitarianism, Diplomacy, Arts & Entertainment covering GLOBAL REGIONS : Europe, Asia, Africa ,USA. In the business sector: Humanitarianism, Diplomacy, Arts & Entertainment.

Ms. Gokovi was recently nominated in 2019 for the Global Humanitarian Award by the World Peace & Diplomacy Organization. She is an award winner  “Creator of Greatness ” by Greatness University, UK.  An Award Winner “Power House Persona of the Year ” and is Vice President of FTIEA. A Dame Grand Officer of the Holy Order of Protection & Education for women children and families ( H.O.P.E)  Ms. Gokovi has been selected as one of the most influential personalities in “The World Book of Greatness”. She has been appointed to her role as Chairperson & Speaker for Albania in the Women’s Economic Forum, and Global Goodwill Ambassador of Aesthetics Organization.

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