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Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright has a great passion for fragrance and the art of luxury living. He sees luxury beyond the act of acquiring and well into the entire framework of your life and how a luxury lifestyle is expressed.

His rich background is multi-disciplined and airs on the creative side of the art of luxury living, that formed the foundation of his acumen. All allowing him to best aid his clients in improving their lives and homes, to bring joy and into it a sense of peace in order to get increased enjoyment and save time in their luxurious lifestyles.

Andrew began his creative journey early in life, starting with the world of dance, then segued into interiors, textiles and fragrance. His natural charm, graciousness and gentlemanly people-person manner made him a natural fit to steer his career to embrace the role of Ambassador and Trainer in the world of luxury retail. As his journey into the luxury sector furthered, he ventured into Hotel Management, training at Cambridge Arts & Technology College.

The culmination of his knowledge provided the perfect foundation to start his own business in Interior Lifestyle to which he brings an enormous amount of savoir-faire, passion for luxury living and his seasoned approach to bespoke services for every client he has the privilege to work with.

His introduction to fragrances occurred in his teen years when he began experimenting with his fathers fragrances. Immediately captivated by fragrance, his experimentation gravitated to the kitchen and the fragrances that were incorporated into cooking and the creation of recipes, each herb, spices, vanilla and crystallised Parma violets found in his mother’s baking cupboard each time it was opened delighted with their promise of magical sweetness.

His adventures and education was furthered through travel, lifestyle magazines and books, as Andrew’s curiosities grew to include textures and design, inspiring his to move to London from Cambridge as he ventured into the world of interior design and lifestyle. The natural first start was in London’s famous corner store, Peter Jones; proudly meeting the late doyen of design David Hicks whilst browsing through the array of fabrics and the privilege of HRH Princess Margaret, assisting her in the selection of luxury fabrics for her home located in Mustique. Later, his journey in interiors found him working for the prestigious Colefax and Fowler in London’s Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

Through his perpetually growing wealth of knowledge, Andrew has gained a nose for fragrance that is synonymous with the mystical elements of creating memories for his clients, from selecting that special new scent for the wearer, for the home and even events fragrancing, all to encapsulate a unique scent memory, the perfect compliment to a luxurious experience. Andrew always strives to educate his clients on the fascinating but all important elements that go into making something luxurious, whether in scent or designing a memorable and unique experience in his inimitable way.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® had the immense pleasure of speaking at length with Andrew and learning more about his soon to be launched lifestyle company with bespoke services and a refined approach to luxury lifestyle. He is a true gentleman with a great sense of style, professionalism, has a sparkling, passionate personality and deep love for what he does and for sharing his gifts with his clients. Andrew Wright is a name-to-know and watch in luxury for the modern age as his latest adventures are sure to leave an incredible mark on the luxury lifestyle world.

Andrew Wright

How did you get to start working within the field of luxury and what drew you to it?

I studied Hotel Management at Cambridge Arts & Technology at the age of 17 where I gained valuable insight to the world of luxury hospitality. Covering all aspects of training as a qualified chef to restaurant etiquette and management, housekeeping to front of house, all with exemplary standards.This combined with my personality I believe stood me in great stead of where I am today.

Tell us about your company and its vision/mission.

Wright Lifestyle’s vision encompasses the personable bespoke approach, within the art of training and realms of luxury lifestyle. This can be from interior styling, the art of scenting for the wearer, home or event. An invaluable must have lifestyle service offering for our client.The company mission is to create a tailored invaluable journey of education,stories and development for our audience.

“Scent is to be loved, experienced and lived in. It has the mystical power of creating memories and catching the moments in time.” – Andrew Wright

What do you enjoy the most about the work you do?

Sharing many wonderful experiences and passions for anything and everything to do with luxury. From interior styling to the history of fragrance, home and event scenting to making all important scent memories for my clients. I get immense pleasure from meeting clients, working internationally and taking great pride within my presentations.

What was the best advice you received about being in the luxury business today?

Having the mantra “It will do will never do” – always strive for greatness and excel in everything you do and use this on a personal level, within your business and more importantly, your audience.

What are some of the biggest changes you expect to see in luxury lifestyle post Covid? How do you see the market evolving and what are the implications for brands and customers?

I foresee changes within the way clients look at the value of the world of luxury lifestyle and possessions. Questioning: are products being ethically sourced and/or made? Mindfulness of industries working environments. Also, the need for a personalisation approach will become more valuable to business and keeping ahead of the game in the luxury world of retail. Smaller luxury independent companies to go back to their archives, looking at re-branding and giving modernity to their offering in order to attraction to new clientele or audience. Sustainability evolving further with companies sourcing new ways as a key selling point to the client. This may have financial implications to some company holdings with new ethical and/or economic eliminations of unsustainable sources.

Where do you see the luxury business heading overall and as it pertains to your line of work?

I see the personalisation and experiences within the luxury business becoming more innovative all with positivity. This relates to my passion and line of work, with a new approach to education and creating memorable experiences for the client. I think this will be something most valuable following the global pandemic where lifestyle and social interaction has been curtailed on many levels.

What are your personal philosophies about luxury as a mindset and approach to living? How do you think people could get more out of luxury beyond acquisition?

My personal mindset philosophies are when gaining gratification on a valuable experience or purchase. This evokes back to when I personally have had to save to afford a luxury item, this in turn has given me more time to fall in love and know I’ve made the right investment. It also adds greater value and knowledge on the item or experience being purchased. I think clients could gain greater passion for luxury by ensuring they establish sound knowledge by experts within the field of luxury lifestyle, along with one on one educational and memorable experiences.

I see the personalisation and experiences within the luxury business becoming more innovative all with positivity.

What do you wish was known about luxury that thus far is not being talked about?

I feel that more inspirational stories about creativity and componentry used within the world of luxury could have been more of a focus point as a far more engaging and educational value. For example, when a client is looking for a new fragrance, how often are the origins, complexities and luxury of raw materials explained by the consultant?

In my opinion, rarely. The marketing focus will be more ‘marketing-led’ with the introduction as ‘It’s the latest’ or ‘It’s the best seller’. This personally frustrates me as the sales associate hasn’t clearly been trained on the understanding of being either ‘fragrance-driven’ or ‘fragrance-led’ which in turn could alienate the client.

Where meaning and humanity is concerned in luxury, how can luxury brands/properties and customers connect to ‘meaning’ in these evolutionary times for how luxury is conveyed and engaged with?

Brands will need to find new and innovative ways to connect to their audience. For clients, I would say researching for greater or new experiences within the world of luxury lifestyle that in my opinion has changed significantly over the years. With today’s generation, the world of luxury has evolved greatly. It is therefore important for businesses to ensure they convey their vision, ethics and ethos to gain and unite with their audience.

How do you think we should articulate luxury in hospitality today and in the future?

To invest in trainings for the teams, providing the all-important ethos of the branding, product, consumer experiences with exemplary standards of customer service. For example, a hotel lobby has a bespoke scent within the ventilation system, each front of house/concierge team member should receive training on the scent creation, be assured, many guests
will comment and ask, ‘what is this scent in the hotel, or ‘can I buy it somehow’? For me personally, the welcoming scent of any hospitality venue gives a true welcoming, brand identity and feeling of luxury.

I feel that more inspirational stories about creativity and componentry used within the world of luxury could have been more of a focus point as a far more engaging and educational value.

Luxury should be about how it’s experienced, it’s about feeling, an emotional connection and evocation. How do you think luxury can be more charming and resonate more on an emotional level?

The experience of luxury should encompass a creative and innovative vision within the realms of its architecture and design. The all-important sense of smell which evokes a positive or lasting memory of the visit. Colour, which is a significant part of the attraction of emotional colour psychology with that enticement of desire to want that within your world. This resonates with me from last year whist walking to buy a coffee, I passed the boutique of Kwanpen in London’s iconic Burlington Arcade. My eye immediately was drawn to this exquisite Emerald green wallet in crocodile leather, it wasn’t so much the embossed design that attracted me but the jewel colour. I immediately knew I had to own this piece which I still adore and long to use again following current climate restrictions.

How do you think that customers can get more out of how they relate to their engagement with luxury?

By being selective on their choices of luxury. Experiencing an engaging sales associate who is articulate with their welcoming, knowledge and passion for luxury. Sharing the all-important stories with the ethos of the brand/product encapsulating the client. Furthermore, excel in their clientele skills and building that all important luxury experience making that client feel a million dollars and wanting to return.

Andrew Wright is an International Scenting Expert and an Expert Panel member of The London Finishing Academy and an EAT LOVE SAVOR® Elite Partner.


About Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is renowned within the industry for his love and passion for the creative arts; spending his career and assisting top British businesses to achieve excellence in luxury and quality; from interior design, fine fragrance and even dance in which he is classically trained. Andrew’s grace and poise, has helped him maintain an extensive list of some of the worlds most esteemed clients, ranging from famous Sports Persons to our own British aristocrats and Royals. Many of which consider Andrew not only as their confident in style and luxury, but a friend. As former Global Ambassador to one of the most recognised fragrance houses worldwide, Roja Parfums, Andrew helped the brand to grow globally – amounting to some 53 countries in under a decade within some of the most prestigious stores worldwide. Educating others in the power of fragrance, scenting and the art of ambience has been a true passion. Working within private residences, weddings and special events, Andrew has succeeded with a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in both perfumery and lifestyle.


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