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A Gift for You, Recipes for Your Table

From My Table To Yours Dearest Reader…

blankAs we are all cooking from home more than ever, it seems like the search for delicious recipes has become a daily activity!

My gift to you is some of my favorite recipes that I compiled in a published cookbook entitled “SIMPLY SUMMER. Gourmet Meals Made Deliciously Easy With Tips for Elegant Living” (available in print and digital format)

How did this cookbook come to be?

In short, it was inspired by the birth of my son in 2005 and my desire to teach him how to cook and to pass on my culinary knowledge.

Before I created EAT LOVE SAVOR®, I spent 5 years as a sous chef and co owner of an award winning French restaurant. I was a culinary novice when I began, and I trained on the job by the side of a European chef. During my tenure, I was the chef for lunch and brunch, sous / prep chef for dinner and floor manager for dinner service among other management tasks for a grueling five years. We had line ups down the street to experience our elegantly relaxed atmosphere and made from scratch gourmet meals.

I learned a great deal during this period of time and spent many a summer roasting in a kitchen! The experience transformed into a fine food and wine enthusiast.

After I left hospitality, I could cook for hundreds, but not for two! So, I deconstructed the process of a professional kitchen, for the home cook, using chef methods and techniques in order to cook and run the kitchen efficiently and deliciously daily. I developed these recipes and complied them into a fun little cookbook. And I swore I would never heat up a kitchen in summer again!… Hence the name of the book and reflects the ease and simplicity of the recipes themselves.

My little man at the age of three eating homemade cake he helped to make

Growing up, my son was by my side daily as I prepared meals in the kitchen and I began to teach him not only to appreciate good food but how to prepare it and manage the kitchen. I began pulling my knowledge together into volumes of recipes, pantry lists I created, grocery shopping and food storage tips, kitchen management techniques and more, always simplifying the methodology and ensuring ease and success. I published one book and have another unpublished manuscript.

The published book SIMPLY SUMMER won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for “Best Easy Recipes”.

It gives me pleasure on this, the occasion of my Birthday, to give YOU a gift…

For you… Download your digital copy of my cookbook. Bon Appetit!


My Gift To You: Simply Summer cookbook ebook!


Interested in the print version? I have some available for purchase for $10USD plus shipping. Contact me.



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Angela Tunner is the founder, editor in chief, creative director and publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Tunner is a multidisciplinary woman. Stemming from her experience as a sous chef, co-owner and manager of a fine dining restaurant, she sees fine food is an integral part of the luxury lifestyle, so she integrated it into the magazine. EAT LOVE SAVOR is more than a magazine name – it is a mantra. Angela has invested over thirty years into independent and passionate study of luxury communications and branding. She has a keen eye for luxury, understands its language, DNA, its essence and continues to study and searches the world for high caliber luxury goods, services and experiences to share with the magazine’s readers. Driven by a passion for education and positivity in media, she takes pride in providing the best timeless, educational and enchanting reading experience possible and content written by luxury industry professionals. As a seasoned, multi-disciplined professional, is accomplished in a wide variety of fields. In addition to her primary job functions, Tunner’s accomplishments include a nomination for the RBC Women’s Entrepreneurs award; winner of the Women of Excellence Award “Woman of Vision”, winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook award for “Best Easy Recipes” for a cookbook she wrote and published, and the fine dining restaurant she co-owned and operated was the winner of two Wine Spectator Grand Awards.

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