the art of lounging - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
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6 Steps to Mastering The Art of Lounging

the art of lounging - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
Apartment Suite, designed by David Collins, at The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair

To truly lounge, is an art. It’s not merely about sitting on the couch or finding something else to do until another thing jolts you off your seat into action. Its about really disconnecting for a while with focused attention to relaxing and letting go of conscious thought.

Imagine the end of the day, a precious moment to step away from the day’s stresses, time for you, time to allow your mind to go idle and awash it with restorative pleasures.

the art of lounging - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

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6 Steps to Mastering the Art of Lounging

1 Sit or Lie Low

The seating is key. Ensure that you find a low chair and ottoman, chaise longues or other low lying place to rest, so that your eyes are roughly where your navel would be positioned when standing.

2 To Lounge, Stay Put

Once comfortable, do not move out of your spot. Stay put and allow the sense that your mind and body have rejoined. Then stay put even longer. Nestle into a plush pillow and cover yourself with a comforting throw blanket for additional comfort or warmth. You may even get a sensation that you are dropping, as if sinking into the chair; allow that sensation to wash over you. You are now beginning to lounge.

the art of lounging - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

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3 Be Patient

The art of lounging is one that requires patience, which is why setting into a very comfortable seating is key, one that is difficult to jump out of and seems to engulf you. Resist giving into the urge to get up and do something. It may take time to unwind. Give yourself that time. Just allow yourself to be completely immersed in the gentle activity of giving to yourself time to lounge and relax and letting your mind begin to wander.

4 Enjoy the View and Get Curious

Lying low gives you a new perspective, you’ll see the room differently, as you see a part of the room that is much closer to the ground. Observe the space, see things that you rarely see like the inside of the lampshade, objects d’art on display, where the edges of the flooring meet the baseboards. Become curious like a cat, exploring the room with your eyes. Soon you’ll be entranced by the craftsmanship of a handle on a drawer, or as your eyes follow the curved lines of your furniture. Carry on your quiet contemplation.

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5 Move Beyond Restlesness

Our minds are always at work, especially in our highly energetic modern age, and quieting them down is not easy – but you’ve made it this far, time to go to the next stage. The sweetest reward awaits! Hang in with the lounging, and now you have the ideal opportunity to unleash your best thinking. In this state, free flowing ideas, observations, notions will come out to play now that your conscious mind is not engaged. The worlds greatest minds came up with their most notable findings while engaged in the art of lounging, from Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein were all engaged in idle thought at the time their minds reached a ‘eureka’ moment of thought.

Resist the temptation to get up, instead move glacially slow, continue to recline and remain in your place that is closer to the floor. Let your thoughts ebb and flow, sorting through the odds and ends in your mind. Be not afraid to allow your feelings to surface and truly reconnect with yourself, and erode away the superfluous to expose the foundation of who you are.

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6 Stepping Back into Conscious Thought

When you are ready, relaxed and floating from such wonderful relaxation, segue your return to the conscious mind with gentle activity by preparing a hot beverage, like a fabulous cup of tea paired with something delicious, and bask in the wonderful sensations a result of lounging. While sipping your favorite beverage, why seize the moment and take time to light a candle, enjoy the fabulous scent and jot down some thoughts and ideas that came to you as your mind wandered into a beautiful journal. When you feel ready, step back into the flow of everyday life.

Be sure to bring yourself back to a lounging moment on a regular basis and savor another delicious leisurely moment and reap the benefits of unleashing your mind to wander.

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