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5 Fabulous Lalique Fine Jewelry Rings Inspired by Nature

lalique fine jewelry collection rings

“Sculpting from the very air and making every nuance apparent. He is the Debussy of the fair and the Rodin of the transparent…”
~ Maurice Rostand speaking of René Lalique

Lalique’s Creative Exploration Began with Jewelry

The world renowned career of René Lalique whose work is synonymous with creativity, beauty, quality and French luxury began with jewelry. At the tender age of 16 in 1876 following the death of his father, Lalique apprenticed with jeweler Louis Aucoc, a leading jeweler in Paris at the time and a perfect opportunity for him to learn jewelry making from the ground up. During this time Lalique embarked on his creative studies which took him to Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Paris then to a college in Sydenham, England now part of London, then back to Paris. Upon his return he began working on a piece of jewelry for a family member. Further adding to his creative knowledge base and skill set, Lalique went on to study sculpture at Ecole Bernard Palissy. After studying, Lalique worked as a freelance designer for various jewelry firms including Cartier and Boucheron in addition to taking on private clients. By the mid 1890’s Lalique had made an indelible mark as on jewelry and fashion in Paris and was designing for his most famous patron, Sarah Bernhardt.

The Birth of Lalique Objets d’Art

Bacchantes vase lalique
Bacchantes vase, Lalique

Lalique’s jewelry was creating quite a stir and available in leading stores in Paris while garnering numerous awards including le Croix de la Legion d’Honneur at the Brussels World’s Fair. By the World’s Fair in Paris that took place in 1900, Lalique jewelry was a sensation with over 50 million of the fair’s visitors. It was during this exhibition that Lalique revealed his d’objets d’art, decorative pieces created using glass, bronze and ivory. He was heralded as a decorative artist of greatest esteem by his contemporaries and members of the public. Quite an incredible accomplishment, rich history and luxury brand foundation built on excellence for over a century that still thrives today.

Inspired By Nature

Lalique’s inspiration came from the natural landscapes of France and the natural world art motifs of Japan. His innovative jewelry designs were blended with metals and stones precious and semi precious, selecting what he felt were best for the artistic expression for each individual piece. While Lalique is best known for his sculptural glasswork, these jewelry collections bring life what Lalique began both in jewelry and natural world inspiration that made his brand world famous; each piece further honors the founder and keeps alive the reconnection of man to nature articulated into wearable pieces of art.

The Edit: 5 Fabulous Lalique Fine Jewelry Rings Inspired by Nature

lalique lys ring

LYS RING: Lys Collection

As the symbol of the stage jewellery designed by René Lalique, the Lys collection pays special homage to the eponymous crown the artist jeweller created for Sarah Bernhardt. Tragedienne of unequalled talent, her dazzling beauty is symbolized here by diamonds, while her strength is revealed by onyx.


The Lys collection is revealed by diamonds on this ring.

  • 18K white gold
  • 55 white diamonds HSI 0,26 carat
  • Average gold weight 6,95 grams

PSYCHE RING: Lalique Bestiary

PSYCHE RING LaliqueAs one of the most widely depicted insects in fine jewellery, the butterfly motif was used abundantly by René Lalique, symbol of purity and enchantment.


Psyché de jour ring in red gold with orange sapphire, diamonds and pink tourmaline.

  • 1 trillion orange sapphire: 1,10 carat
  • 1 round pink tourmaline: 0,67 carat
  • 80 pink sapphires: 1,28 carat
  • 30 orange sapphires: 0,46 carat
  • 4 yellow sapphires: 0,09 carat
  • 29 diamonds: 0,19 carat
  • Lacquer
  • 18K red gold, average weight: 17,1 grams

Arethuse ringARETHUSE RING: Aréthuse Collection

The famous “Masque de Femme” motif reveals the face of a mysterious, elegant woman wearing a headdress of aquatic life, symbolizing the nymph Arethusa.


Ring in yellow gold with clear crystal.

  • 1 clear crystal
  • 18K yellow gold, average weight: 2.2 grams

PETILLANTE RING, Pétillante Collection

Petillante ring laliquePétillante incarnates water and light. It features the geometric motif of water droplets flowing from the Coutard fountain designed by René Lalique in 1935. This line of jewellery plays with reflections on cabochons of crystal and diamond. A union of the purest symbols of fine jewellery and glass, a fusion of diamonds and crystal, it is the depiction of light of which René Lalique was the artist and sculptor of his times.


Ring in yellow gold with an amber crystal cabochon and diamonds.

  • 1 amber crystal cabochon: 1,1 gram
  • 28 champagne diamonds: 0,28 carat
  • 18K yellow gold, average weight: 15,5 grams

SOLIEL DE GAIA RING, Soleir de Gaia Collection

soleil de gaia ring lalique

Creator of life like Gaïa, the Sun sets the sky ablaze and germinates the Earth. It is an unalterable treasure symbolizing brightness and light. To pay tribute to this astral God, Lalique created two versions of this design: the day adorned by yellow gold and the night dressed in white gold.


Soleil de Gaïa ring in yellow gold with diamonds, yellow sapphires and fresh water cultured pearls.

  • 18K yellow gold
  • 168 diamonds: 0,75 carat
  • 54 yellow sapphires: 1,14 carat
  • 9 fresh water cultured pearls: 0,75 carat
  • White and coral lacquer
  • Average gold weight: 17,7 grams



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