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3 Game Changing Luxury Trends

bigstock Portrait of a stunning fashion 76994546 3 Game Changing Luxury Trends - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

This season there are several interesting trends happening in the luxury sector.

Whether it’s fashion trends reversing themselves, brands giving a tip of the hat to the classics, or strange new wine and food pairings, these three trends are sure to make your year a more colorful one.


Fashion Heading the Opposite Direction.

When it comes to fashion, there’s only so far a trend can go in a certain direction before it inevitably has to stop and start heading backwards. For instance, somewhere in the ’70s neckties went on a diet and became skinnier and skinnier until the only tie skinnier was a bolo. While the skinny tie hasn’t left the building entirely, the trend is definitely gravitating toward bigger, wider ties, with patterns more prevalent than solid colors.

Of course, ties are not the only fashion element undergoing a retrofit. Much like ties, suit lapels have also gone from thinner to wider, and fitted pants that have risen above the ankle and more have once again seen an increase in length. A traditional two button jacket has transformed into a wide lapel, double breasted jacket. However, in my opinion, the biggest trends have become dressy with a touch of casual. While this may seem counterintuitive, mixing a pair of black jeans or a pair of loafers into your daily ensemble has become quite commonplace.


Ode to Classics

In line with a reversal of fashion trends is an increasing nod to the past. Whether it’s cars, watches, or fashion, everything old is new again with brands remaking their classics. Rolex and Benz are notably reimagining their original designs but with a modern twist and the latest, most desirable features.

Brands are currently tapping into the popularity of nostalgia, especially Prohibition and pre-Prohibition era clothing and hairstyles inspired by the Netflix television series, “Peaky Blinders.” Men are looking dapper and sporting haircuts with faded sides, paired with the modern look of longer hair on top, not to mention the addition of well-manicured beards. The ensembles are completed with pancake or bowler hats appropriate to the era.


Mixed Pairings

The past and present aren’t the only trends being mixed and matched. The concept of “mixed pairings” is taking the culinary world by storm. While food and wine pairings are nothing new, there are some really great pairings sommeliers have done and talked about that others might not yet have had the opportunity to try. The first is popcorn and champagne. The buttery, saltiness of the popcorn is directly contrasted and cut through with a flute or two of bubbly. Another cool combo is the world famous Nutella chocolate spread with a glass of Merlot, along with a classic – depending on who you’re talking to – creamy goat cheese with a bottle of Sauternes, a sweet French white wine.

Overall, 2017 is the year of throwing out the rules, having fun, and going with what you like – whether that’s a wider tie, a classic look, or enjoying simple snack with a sophisticated libation.

opinion piece by guest contributor Noel Shu


Known as “The Prince of Luxury” Noel Shu’s clientele includes billionaires, celebrities, and royal families. Shu brings expertise and panache through the finest wines, spirits, and jewelry of unparalleled quality. Recently, Shu launched a new wine Majestic Ruby under his company Un Joyau Majestueux which debut at the Oscars Celebrity Luxury Lounge prior to its national launch.