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20th Interbrand Global Brands Report: Luxury & Retail Sector Demonstrates Fastest Growth in Brand Value

Luxury & Retail Sector Demonstrates Fastest Growth in Brand Value and Remains Fastest Growth Sector

    • 2019 marks the 20th year of Best Global Brands, the world’s first ever brand valuation rankings.
    • Combined total value of the Top 100 is $2.13T, an increase of 5.7% from 2018.
    • 26 of 100 brands featured saw double digit percentage growth in brand value.
    • New entrants include Uber (#87) and LinkedIn (#98); Dell rejoins (#63); Facebook drops out of top 10, from #9 to #14.
    • Technology brands lead: Apple (#1), Google (#2), Amazon (#3) and Microsoft (#4).
    • 25% Brand Value Growth elevates Mastercard from #70 to #62.
    • Luxury and retail comprise the fastest growing sector for second consecutive year.

Interbrand released its invaluable Best Global Brands 2019 report, the 20th edition of the world’s first brand valuation survey. The report shows that Apple, Google, and Amazon continue their success as the world’s three most valuable brands worldwide.

Luxury Fastest Growing Sector

The report also uncovered that the luxury and retail industry is still the fastest growing sector. Taking into account Interbrand’s unparalleled wealth of 20 years of brand valuation data, this year’s report examines the world’s most successful brands through the lens of Iconic Moves, focusing on the end of a traditional approach to brand positioning and industry leaders’ navigation of the rapid ongoing change among consumers and competitive landscapes.

“Twenty years on from our first report, customers today are more informed, more connected and more demanding than ever before through a combination of wealth of choice, erosion of loyalty and shifting frames of reference wanting immediacy, abundance and intimacy – all at the same time,” said Charles Trevail, Global Chief Executive Officer of Interbrand. “The age of brand positioning is over. In a world where customer expectations will continue to move faster than businesses, static brand positions and incremental change will just about keep brands in the game – but it will take, brave, we would say ‘iconic’, moves, to make brands leap ahead of customer expectations and ultimately deliver extraordinary business results.”

Tech Dominates Top Ten

The technology sector continues to lead the Best Global Brand rankings in 2019. Tech companies account for half of the top 10 brands — Apple (#1, USD $234.24B), Google (#2, USD $167.71B), Amazon (USD $125.26B), Microsoft (#4, $108.85B) and Samsung (#6, USD $61.1B) — and show an average growth in brand value of nine percent, tied for second behind only the luxury and retail sector. Dell (#63, USD $9.09B) returns to the rankings after a six-year absence, Uber (#87, USD $5.71B) and LinkedIn (#98, USD $4.84B) are all new entrants in this year’s list.

Rounding out the top 10 brands in this year’s report are: Coca-Cola #5 (USD $63,365m), Toyota #7 (USD $56,246m), Mercedes-Benz #8 (USD $50,832m), and McDonald’s #9 (USD $45,362m), with Disney #10 (USD $44,352m) returning to the top 10.

Some Brands Continue to Impress in 2019, Others Remain Slow to Make Iconic Moves

The 20th edition of Interbrand’s annual brand valuation report features a series of individual sector reports which delve deeper into the technology, luxury and retail, consumer packaged goods, media, automotive, travel, and financial services industries.

The top growing sector for 2019 was luxury and retail with 15 luxury and retail brands making the top 100; this sector sees the highest average brand value growth rate year-over-year at 11%. The most successful brands in the luxury space are those that have adapted to rapid changes in the global marketplace, including catering to a younger consumer base whose stylistic tastes have shifted toward streetwear, who are tech-first in their purchasing habits, and who increasingly demand for shareable, memorable moments from any brick-and-mortar retail experiences.

Gucci (#33, USD $15.95m) was emblematic of the luxury sector’s success, showing a 23 percent increase in brand value. Venerable brands Louis Vuitton (#17, USD $32.22m) and Chanel (#22, USD $22.13m) saw a 14% and an 11% increase, respectively, since last year’s report.

Mastercard (#62, USD $9.4B) demonstrated the fastest growth of any brand this year, showing a 25% increase in brand value, jumping eight places in the rankings. While Mastercard’s ascent has been fueled in part by its transition from purely a financial services provider to a technology-forward enterprise, it bucks an industry-wide trend toward stagnation. Financial services are broadly represented in this year’s rankings, with 12 brands representing $145 billion in brand value in the rankings, however, none of those brands reached the top 20. Many of the sector’s leading brands have been slow to embrace the disruptive forces of technology, even as Apple, Facebook and Google make bigger moves into financial services.

BGB19 Ranking FINALpdf1 20 20th Interbrand Global Brands Report: Luxury & Retail Sector Demonstrates Fastest Growth in Brand Value - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine20 Years of Brand Insights

Interbrand launched the Best Global Brands report 20 years ago to provide marketers, investors and consumers unprecedented insights into the state of the brands that have come to define modern consumerism and the evolution of the sectors in which they operate.

A look back on 20 years of brand valuation data can provide many insights for the future:

  • Only 31 brands from the first report in 2000 remain on the list today, including Disney, Nike and Gucci.
  • 137 brands, such as Marlboro, Nokia and MTV have dropped off the list in the intervening years.
  • Coca-Cola and Microsoft are the only brands to have retained top 10 spots.
  • In 2001, the first year in which the table included 100 brands, the cumulative brand value residing in the world’s top 100 brands was $988B. Today, that value stands at $2.13T, representing a 4.4 percent average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and a more than doubling in total value.

These figures show that in such a fluid market landscape, investing in brand is key to long term success.

“For decades, the entire discipline of brand-building was based on the concept of brand positioning, but in today’s accelerating markets, customer expectations outstrip static brand positions. Brands can no longer be considered separate to businesses and will be judged on what they do, not just what they say; it is about trust, not just delivery,” said Trevail.

For the complete Top 100 ranking and the report with comprehensive analysis of growth, sector, and industry trends, visit


Report and Methodology:

Interbrand’s 20th annual report, The End of Positioning, analyzes how the Best Global Brands are achieving bold transformation that drives lasting economic value through brand strength.

Interbrand was the first company to have its brand valuation methodology certified as compliant with the requirements of ISO 10668 (requirements for monetary brand valuation) and played a key role in the development of the standard itself.

There are three key pieces of analysis that form the basis of Interbrand’s valuation methodology:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or services
  • The role the brand plays in purchase decisions
  • The brand’s competitive strength and its ability to create loyalty and, therefore, sustainable demand and profit into the future

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Interbrand has been the world’s leading brand consultancy, for over 40 years – having pioneered iconic work and forged many of the brand building tools that are now commonplace.

We know that in an age of unprecedented abundance of choice and speed of innovation, customers’ expectations are moving faster than businesses. While incremental change is still essential, it’s no longer sufficient. It takes bold moves to leap ahead of customers and competitors. We call them Iconic Moves.

In collaboration with many of the world’s leading brands, our global team of thinkers and makers are pioneering the future of brand building. By turning customers into active participants, we help our clients strengthen their brands on an ongoing basis – our approach gives them the confidence to make Iconic Moves that spark desire and create utility, driving extraordinary results.

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