209 Mare – Doing For Men’s Beachwear What Audemars Piguet Did For Sport Watches In 1972

Much like Audemars Piguet, Monaco-based 209 Mare is fundamentally breaking the rules in style, by establishing a new trend in men’s luxury beachwear.

Inspired by the opulent and glamorous Art Deco era of the French Riviera in the 1920’s, 209 Mare brings the gentleman back to the beach or super yacht by elevating men’s beachwear to a whole new level of elegance, luxury and most of all effortless style.

“If you’re going to break the rules, do it in style”
— #BTRIS – 209 Mare

Sourcing the finest materials and manufacturers Italy has to offer by using the same craftsmanship that is used by iconic brands such as Armani, Hermès, and Versace, 209 Mare has sought to have its collection stand out and create its own trends for gentlemen who want to stand out and play by their own rules.

209 Blazer

First of its kind, the elegant alternative to beach cool, the 209 Blazer, aims to define the concept behind 209 Mare: elevating men’s beachwear to a new level of elegance, luxury, and exclusivity, by creating a trend as timeless as denim that establishes the legacy of the brand.

Oozing St Tropez, Riviera vibes mixed with Italian flair, the blazer will undoubtedly command unparalleled attention at an exclusive summer destination near you very soon. It’s a true staple for the refined gentleman, be it for yacht owner or other. It’s for the style-conscious modern gentleman who plays by his own rules with undisputed style as well as superior sartorial knowledge.

They say it’s all in the detail – every element of the blazer has been impeccably sourced where attention to detail and uncompromising quality lives and breathes. From the inconspicuous 3D Lycra patch placed below the collar, to the Art Deco monogrammed mother of pearl buttons, and the exclusive signature pattern that distinctly marks all 209 Mare products, all make this piece the true gentleman’s wardrobe staple piece for the summer and beyond. Not to mention the lining made from the finest bamboo fabric which is three times more absorbent than a cotton towel, and is completely biodegradable while getting softer over time.

209 Swim shorts

Much like the 209 Blazer, the 209 Mare swim shorts are inspired by the glamorous Art Deco era through their simplicity yet attention to detail. The monochromatic designs offer an aesthetically clean canvas that can be complemented with any other articles of clothing, while the swim shorts have been designed to perfectly match any 209 Blazer, regardless of the combination.

Subtle details, such as the art deco designed decadent label on the back, the elegant cord ends or the minimalistic 209 Mare signature pattern highlight our design heritage and the attention to detail in designing this exquisite part of the collection. Of particular note is the piping that has been added to the pockets of the swim shorts. Inspiration for this detailing came from the smooth and thin lines that were so ubiquitous in the Art Deco era.

This garment is constructed from the finest nylons carefully sourced from Italy, as with all garments from the Monaco-based brand. The rapid drying material is extremely soft to the touch while giving the wearer the appearance of a tailored fit – perfect when you want to exude style at any occasion.

What’s more, 209 Mare does not just deliver innovative high fashion; they also use extraordinary packaging to provide a complete customer experience unique to their brand. For this, they have drawn inspiration from the haute horologerie industry where the packaging is central to the brand experience.

Each blazer is delivered in a custom box that is a unique statement of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The outside is wrapped in sophisticated leather textured paper to provide clientele a luxurious feeling at the first sensual touch. The logo is printed in a decadent silver foil on top of the box. Upon opening the box, you are greeted by a velvet-lined box that has the slogan cheekily appear (‘Break The Rules In Style’), along with #BTRIS printed inside. Inside the box, the items are carefully folded, and beautifully covered in wax paper to protect the integrity of the blazer inside the box.

Each 209 Mare swim short comes with its own water resistant pouch made of high quality nylon with the 209 Mare logo embroidered tastefully on one side. The contents of the pouch are protected by a water-proof zipper. With the added hanging clip, gentlemen will be able to use the pouch to carry their phone, keys, sunscreen and anything else they may need to let it rock on the beach or their vessel. Genius bonus!

Launching May 2017, you better get your hands on one of these quick as these limited edition, made to order indispensable beachwear attires are set to be hotter than the Mediterranean sun this forthcoming season.


Natalia Langsdale

Natalia Langsdale is a consummate luxury professional, and the owner of Bright Creativity Marketing and PR consultancy based in the south of France/Monaco. Natalia has gained a successful international track record in working with distinguished brands in yachting, private aviation, technology, bespoke interiors, haute couture fashion, realty and fine wines to name a few. Natalia is also an experienced freelance writer covering lifestyle topics in select luxury publications, and an Editor at Large for EAT LOVE SAVOR, adding her distinct flair to stories, bringing even the most challenging topic alive with her fresh tone of voice. Handpicked as ambassador to key eclectic brands worldwide, Natalia is also an honorary member for Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco and a VIP partner at the 2017 Luxury Lifestyle Gala for the HSH Prince Albert II Foundation in Monaco. She can also be found on Instagram @bunny_n

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