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10 Habits You Must Have to Succeed

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Excellence and success

“We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

In the digital age, a time unlike any other where a wealth of knowledge is so easily accessed by us all, knowing is no longer the dividing factor between those that are successful and those who are not. Knowledge, once largely buried in text books and held in the minds of a certain few, is now at our finger tips, a vast sea of it and access to it is easier than ever. Bookstores are spilling with hundreds of books on a wide variety of topics, or can be sought out on the internet, via online schools online or courses and other outlets. Today there is simply more information available than ever before in history. So what now is that dividing factor, that big challenge to master? The dividing factor and the challenge to master your mind and behavior. Ask anyone who is successful, each has a set patterns of behavior cultivated in order to succeed and this behavior is maintained and improved upon in their continued pursuit of excellence. No matter what the occupation, each takes specific steps that have become habits – habits vital to shape the man, to achieve excellence and keys to success and consistent results.

10 Habits You Must Have To Succeed

Meet successful entrepreneur and media executive Scott Rosenblum. Scott is the founder of Neutrino Media Group, one the USA’s fastest growing digital ad and technology agencies that went from zero to fifty million in just over a year. Here are the habits that Scott cultivated on his way to success.

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Scott Rosenblum
Scott Rosenblum, Founder Neutrino Media Group

1. Have a Daily Routine

A daily routine keeps you organized and structured. I start my mornings early to maximize the day…cup of “Bullet Proof” coffee, a little light reading, make sure the kids have everything they need for the day, skim the news, reviews emails, go through the daily to do list and then I actually make my bed, which as silly as that sounds, gets me ready and organized for the day ahead…then off to work with a good head start.

2. Make To-Do Lists and get through them

Every night, I develop a new agenda for the next day, taking into consideration any new developments that may shift priorities. This ensures that in the morning and I am ready to get through the critical action items throughout the day, but leaves flexibility for the changing dynamic of the world we live in. The next morning, I go through the list and find the quickest items and get through them. Tackling the small things first, allows me to accomplish 65-70% of the list before the morning’s over so I focus on the larger, more complicated tasks during the day. While to-do lists allow me to prioritize, they can’t be set in stone. Before leaving the office for the day I make sure everything is checked off.

3. Learn From Your History

Learn from your successes and failures and build them into your plan. History has a way of repeating itself so be ready.

4. Make the Connections You Need

In any endeavor, you will need to connect to the people and or resources you will need to knock out the steps between start and finish as well as to keep growing. One of my favorite resources to use is LinkedIn because it allows me to connect with the CEO’s and senior management that are important for me or my company to work with and gives us common ground to build off of. Additionally, early dinners near their office as well as finding common interest like watching a favorite sports team or other types of activities business included, help build a base to talk about how you can do business together.

5. Business is a win-win

In order for a business, a deal or any other type of relationship to be successful both sides need to be a win-win. When building relationships, partnerships and businesses, focusing on the win-win so all parties will benefit not only begins the conversations but incentivizes all sides to move forward.

6. Make Clear and easy to understand Goals

Make a clear defined goal. Learn to describe what you do and what you’re goals are in one to two sentences. Especially in business, not knowing exactly you want to accomplish and quickly being able to explain it makes it difficult to focus in on a plan and enticing people to work with you. I require everyone at NMG to be able to describe who we are and what we do in two sentences. Your answer should be quick, simple and concise, so you can easily relay it to people you’re trying to work with.

7. Have an Outlet

No matter what it is, you need an outlet to separate yourself from the business world. Your mind needs a break from the stress and anxiety of day-to-day life, as well as a break from technology. You need to re-boot. I like getting out into nature because it helps me disconnect from email and focus on my own thoughts. Kayaking, hiking, fly-fishing, running, the water allows me to put your mind at rest, not burn out and come back strong.

8. Learn to change directions or pivot

We live in a world where some jobs and some entire fields didn’t exist 5 or 10 years ago, so learning how and knowing when to translate your skills into an emerging market or modify your path to take into account current conditions is key. After selling my apparel business, I formed a multimedia and advertising company built around branded entertainment, advertising and mobile application development. At dinner one night, a close confidant in upper management at Google was discussing the changing tide in the advertising industry and suggested we look into it. It was clear that if we embraced where the industry was heading and made the modifications internally and to the network we had already built, we could capitalize and ride the momentum of a changing industry. If we had not done so we would have been an also ran in our industry instead of in a leadership position that we are in today.

9. Stay Focused and on Track

So many entrepreneurs have a natural curiosity, which can often be a benefit. Of course, it’s critical to know when to put that curiosity aside and focus on the challenges already on your plate. I say “always stay focused and sharp” which I have learned from experience. “Focus on the end game, the plan to get there and do not allow distractions or anything else to detour you.”

10. Focus on what it takes to make something WORK not why it cannot work.

Why something cannot be accomplished should not enter into the equation, only what needs to happen to get “it” accomplished. If you figure that out then the other things do not matter. Learning to figure out what has to get done and how you have to accomplish it is key to success. It’s easy to make excuses and blame situations or limitations for standing in the way of your success, but figuring out a way to make it work is paramount to being successful. Sometimes that means changing your way of doing or looking at things, hiring new personnel, making a different plan, changing who you do business with or a myriad of other things…but there is always a way to make it work.

About Scott Rosenblum

Scott got his start in the entertainment industry in 2007 and is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with brands such as Elle Magazine and Turner Corporation. Scott’s former company Rock Media, now part of Neutrino, has developed some of the highest profile media partnerships through large-scale experiential and broadcast programming. Fast-forward to today, Neutrino Media Group, (NMG) encompasses AdTech,(digital advertising and technology) Media Development and Branded Entertainment on an international scale and is doing business in over 100 countries. Seeing the potential of Technology and Advertising converging in the growing digital advertising market, Scott realized his company was perfectly positioned to take advantage of this and he launched Neutrino Media Group (NMG). NMG, has quickly grown to become one of the top companies in this industry and is frequently mentioned in the next big merger/acquisition discussions. NMG’s footprint ranges from technology to entertainment is has been involved with some of the most recognizable names today: Google, Time Warner, Lagardere Corporation, Orange, the New York Times, Marriott Corporation, AOL and Yahoo are just a few of the companies NMG works with daily. Scott graduated Summa Cum Laude of Georgia State University with his bachelors in business and accounting and is member of the Pi Kappa Phi honor society, Golden Key Honor Society and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Scott has furthered his commitment to different communities with his involvement in philanthropic events and charity work. His Rock Media Group developed the Susan G. Komen Pink Dress show, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollar per season for the charity.


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