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Black truffle on the top of a bottle of oil

How and When to Use Black vs White Truffle Oil

When to use black vs white truffle oil is less clear cut than the question of black vs white truffles. When using fresh truffles in cooking, the two species are rarely interchangeable. The use of black vs white truffle oil follows some of the same rationale as using fresh truffles; however, in many cases either […] Read more…


Luxury Recipe: Foie Gras Ice Cream

This foie gras ice cream, made with slow baked foie gras, Sauternes wine, sugar, egg yolks, butter and cream is extremely rich and satisfying. Serve this decadent ice cream for dessert presented in a bowl with toasted macadamia nuts and bittersweet chocolate shavings, make a foie gras ice cream sandwich with two soft gingerbread cookies, […] Read more…

petrossian new york door

Petrossian Caviar: A 90 Year Legacy

As the world and its lavish indulgencies become gradually more accessible to a larger and more affluent population, the question of how we define luxury and what exactly is a luxury item becomes increasingly difficult to answer. There are however a few luxuries that leave no ambiguity and none more so than Caviar, a delicacy […] Read more…

dsm passport double image

Join DSM Luxury Passport, a Members-only Luxury Lifestyle Group for the Elite

DSM Luxury Passport by DSM Luxury in Beverly Hills provides the elite wonderful services, selected events and exclusive experiences aimed at those with discerning tastes and a penchant for the finer things in life with their Members-Only Luxury Lifestyle Group. Awaiting you is a world of luxury with the DSM Luxury Passport. The DSM Passport […] Read more…

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