Discover: Milanese Designer Handbags FedoraMi

The purpose was to create the object of desire, with a timeless elegance suitable for every occasion. Handbag designer Valentina started FedoraMi to give rise...

10 Habits You Must Have to Succeed

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle In the digital age, a time unlike any other...





Luxury Travel

Luxury Staycations: Give Yourself the 5-Star Treatment at Home

Hectic lives and busy schedules can make going away on vacation more work than some of us want to handle. A great holiday doesn’t...

Destination – Paris

What can you say about this spectacular place that hasn’t been said before? History, beauty, food, wine, art, culture, tradition, lore, romance, this city has...

Arts & Culture

Discover: World Leading Art Gallery, The Sladmore, founded in 1965

Edward Horswell’s parents Harry and Jane, founded the Sladmore Gallery, named after their farm in Buckinghamshire, in 1965. Their friend Jacques-Chalom des Cordes was there...

Discover: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is the fourth largest auction house in operation that leads the world in selling treasures of extreme value and excellence. Items such as historical...

Luxury Moment

Luxury Moment: Reading and Lounging by the Fireplace

Imagine... The room silent save for the exquisite sounds of relaxing music softly filling the air with its sweet notes. Curled up by the fireplace,...

Luxury Moment: Pondering Relaxation

While to some it may seem that relaxing is a luxury at Eat Love Savor Magazine, we think of it more as a necessity. It...

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